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Alex Monday
Played By Tori Spelling
Occupation University student
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family unknown
Current Status deceased
Parody Of Alex Munday (Charlie's Angels), Cindy Krueger (Sixth Sense)

Alex Monday is a fictional character in the Scary Movie franchise. She was played by actress Tori Spelling.


Alex Monday is a 24-year-old career college student who represents herself as a sweet innocent girl with pigtails. According to her account, she had a boyfriend before attending college, but she had to break up with him after revealing he had to get a restraining order against her, an indication that she was really more of a stalker. She eventually starts to come off as mentally disturbed and desperate for any sort of a relationship, even if it is a bad relationship.

Scary Movie 2[]

Alex soon meets Cindy Campbell while in college and declares themselves best friends, a fact that seems to confuse Brenda Meeks, a long time friend of Cindy's. She tags along with them and five students attending Professor Oldman and his assistant to the Kane Mansion in a project to study insomnia something she seems excited about. However, it turns out he is actually performing a paranormal investigation to look for ghosts. In the middle of the first night, Alex encounters the ghost of Hugh Kane who rapes her against her will; he lifts her up the wall and bangs her head on the wall. However, Alex considers this a sexual relationship, and as she plans to become Mrs. Hugh Kane, he quickly flees from her room. Alex subsequently pursues him relentlessly, converting his study into a love den with a teddy bear, a mirror with "I love you" written in lipstick and her photo replacing the face of Hugh's true love in a portrait. With his hostility rising into a crescendo, he shatters the cake, breaks the mirror and rips up the image in a poltergeist attack.
While wearing ghost-sensitive goggles to look for Kane, Alex searches for him through the house and gets attacked by him in the throes of his attack. He throws a chair at her, tosses a sculpture at her head and rolls large objects resembling large stones from the stairs at her before tossing her into a television. However, Alex still clings to the hope that she and Kane can be together without realizing his rage comes from her defiling his memory for his wife. His attack on her continues with him sending her across the the dining room table. She gets up enraged and scream on why is he refusing to talk to her despite his ghostly voice previously calling her "just a booty call." Alex then looks up and discovers the chandelier rattling over her head which Kane brings crashing down on her, killing her as a result.


  • Her name Alex comes from a parody of Alex Munday from "Charlie's Angels."
  • In one of the deleted scenes, Alex is actually killed by Theo Keyoko, who finds her barely alive after the chandelier crushes her. When Alex won't stop rambling off fake memories about their non-existent friendship, Theo smothers her with a pillow out of anger. This scene was possibly dropped for being inappropriate.
  • Tori Spelling also played a character in Scream 2, playing Sidney Prescott in "Stab," the fictional version within the franchise.