Barbara Morgan
Played By Heather Locklear
Occupation Ex-Dancer
Appeared in Scary Movie 5
Family Jody Sanders (Daughter)
Lilly Sanders (Granddaughter)
Kathy Sanders(Granddaughter)
Aidan Sanders (Grandson)
Dan Sanders (Son_in_law)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Erica Sayers (Black Swan)

Barbara Morgan is the mother of Jody Sanders.

Scary Movie 5Edit

Barabra Morgan was a ballet dancer and she had the role of Swan Queen in the play Swan Lake. She danced the Swan Lake pregnant with Jody. Barbara gives birth to Jody when one of the other dancers lift her, Jody then falls into a tuba in which it is later shown that she still has.

Barbara was meant to have a bigger role in scary Movie 5, as shown in the trailer. However her role was cut to only a five minute flashback Jody has when thinking about how ballet ruined her Mom's life.