Played By Pamela Anderson
Occupation High School Student
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Mother (name unrevealed)
Current Status possibly Deceased
Parody Of Becca Kotler (The Ring)

Becka Kotler is a character in the "Scary Movie" franchise. She was played by Pamela Anderson.


Becka Kotler is a college student at an unidentified college. She is a friend of Katie, another student

Scary Movie 3 Edit

Becka and her Katie are staying the night at Becka's house watching television and reading magazines. Becka reads aloud from a magazine article that magnetic waves from television can shrink silicone molecules. Scared, they begin screaming and try to turn off the TV using the remote, but Katie holds it backwards and it doesn't work so turn it off on the TV. When Becka starts talking about a videotape with scary images in it, Katie mistakes it for Pamela Anderson's porn film but is quickly corrected. When she finds out that Becka was with Josh last weekend they get excited and start hitting each other with different objects before hearing the phone ring. Katie answers it, and the caller turns out to be Becka's mom. While Becka is on the phone, Katie walks upstairs and gets killed by Tabitha. Becka gets scared in the kitchen by a loose door and gets scared again by a parrot. When she heads back upstairs, she discovers Katie's dead body. Even after Katie's head falls off, Becka still thinks that Katie is alive. Becka eventually gets attacked by Tabitha, possibly becoming her next victim.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is a direct parody of Becca Kotler from The Ring.
  • Becka is revealed to be extremely stupid. When she discovers Katie's dead body, she still keeps trying to get a reaction from her even after Katie's head falls off.
  • Becka's mother calls her "Precious" and even shares the same voice as Gollum from Lord of the Rings.