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Buffy Gilmore
Played By Shannon Elizabeth
Occupation High School Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Doofy Gilmore (brother), Mr. Gilmore (father), Mrs. Gilmore (mother)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Tatum Riley (Scream)

Helen Shivers (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Buffy Gilmore is a main character in the original Scary Movie, parodying Tatum Riley from "Scream" and Helen Shivers from "I Know What You Did Last Summer." She was played by actress Shannon Elizabeth.



Buffy is an attractive and somewhat virtuous young girl who delights in flaunting her looks and appearance in high school. Although she has a boyfriend, she tends to be promiscuous with several guys calling her their girlfriend at her beauty pageant. She also mentions have a brief lesbian encounter with Cindy Campbell. She also sometimes comes across as somewhat dim-witted and sarcastic with a penchant for larceny, freely robbing a man after thinking she had killed him and participating in covering up the crime.

Family and Friends

Buffy has a mentally-challenged brother, Doofus "Doofy" Gilmore, who has a job of some form at the police station. She lives with her unnamed mother and father. One of her best friends is Cindy Campbell, and she's dating Greg Phillipe. Her retinue of friends includes Brenda Meeks, Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins.



Buffy is an attractive student at B. A. Corpse High School which she attends with her friends Cindy Campbell and Brenda Meeks. She often pretends for her father's benefit that she is daddy's girl and a sweet little princess, but in reality, she lives a loose lifestyle and dresses in revealing clothes. She dates Greg Phillipe, one of the school football players. It's also implied that she might be a little virtuous; Bobby Prinze, Cindy's boyfriend, reportedly cheated on her by spending a night with Buffy, but this may just be a rumor. It is also mentioned in passing that Buffy and Cindy once had a lesbian experience while they were under the effects of alcohol. Brenda also claims that Buffy once had sex with a stripper at a pool party at the home of a common friend.

Scary Movie

Accompanied by their boyfriends, Buffy, Cindy and Brenda spent a night late out partying on Halloween. On the way home, Bobby driving Greg's father's car accidentally struck and supposedly killed a man walking by the side of the road. After covering up the act, they vowed to keep it a secret.

A year after the incident, she enters the Miss Sweet Teen pageant at school amidst local murders in school. Letters to Cindy and Greg suggest the killer might be someone who knows about the murder. During the pageant, she starts to give a dramatic reading and witnesses Greg's death on the balcony from afar, but when she tries to alarm the crowd, they confuse it for a dramatic reading. After she wins the pageant, she is so excited that she no longer cares that Greg is dead and acts contrary to it.

After Cindy gets a phone call from The Killer, Buffy ends up mocking her by pretending that she is being called by the killer.


In the girl's locker room at school, Buffy encounters the killer, who she thinks is a joke from her friends. Despite getting multiple injuries, including getting stabbed in the stomach, breaking her own leg and getting decapitated, she is still managing to stay alive long enough to keep mocking the killer until he gets annoyed and throws her head in the lost and found bin.

It is later revealed that the killer was actually Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins alternating in the role while imitating a known killer. possibly one of them may have killed Buffy; it is also not known if Doofy had a reason to kill his sister.



  • Since she doesn't appear in the sequels, Buffy is most likely deceased, unlike Ray Wilkins, Brenda and Shorty Meeks who managed to survive their attacks.
  • In the beauty pageant, her sash reads "Miss Fellatio," a colloquism for oral sex.