Scary Movie Wiki
Played By Kevin Hart
Occupation Rapper
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
Family Shaneequa (Aunt)
Orpheus (Uncle)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Cheddar Bob (8 Mile)

CJ is a character in Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4, replacing Shorty Meeks from the first movies. He was played by comedian Kevin Hart.



CJ is very energetic and explosive in personality. He is a big rap music fan and had a latent street thug mentality, throwing objects at cars and people when he's riding in a car. He is also very loyal to his friends like George Logan and Mahalik.

Friends and Relatives[]

Not much is known about CJ's family. There is no mention of his father, mother or any siblings, but he does introduce Cindy Campbell to his Aunt Shaneequa and his uncle. He also mentions briefly to be dating Mahalik's sister. Besides Mahalik and George, he becomes friends with Cindy Campbell and Tom Ryan. There is an account CJ once dabbled in a homosexual relationship with Mahalik on a camping trip, but it seems to be a moment he prefers to forget about.


Scary Movie 3[]

CJ lives in the slums of Washington D.C. where he and Mahalik hang out at rap clubs and meet George trying to become a rap star. Rooting and cheering him on, they are suprised when George turns out to have talent, but when his hoodie makes him look like a Klansman, they try to warn him to no avail. They also attend the funeral of Brenda Meeks, and when George thinks she's alive, they blow up the corpse trying to restore her to life. He also helps Cindy solve the mystery of a cursed videotape by sending her to meet his Aunt Shaneequa. He eventually gets involved in an extra-terrestrial encounter at Tom Logan's farm and learn the aliens aren't attacking, they're just trying to defeat an evil little girl.

Scary Movie 4[]

Now living in New York City, CJ and Mahalik become friends with Tom Ryan at the local bar. During another alien account, they flee back to the mountains where he and Mahalik resume their relationship.



Mahalik is CJ's best friend. The two of them initially have a very strong brotherly relationship where they "have each others backs," but it becomes increasingly sexualized later on, the two of them having a gay relationship.

George Logan[]

George is both CJ and Mahalik's best friend. They are very supportive of his rap career and talent and encourage him to support it. They never mention George after moving to New York, but this may be due to George's death seen in a flashback.

Cindy Campbell[]

Cindy is a friend of CJ and Mahalik. They try helping her fight Tabitha and call upon a team of rappers to help her fight invading aliens

Tom Ryan[]

Tom is a friend of both CJ and Mahalik. They hang out together at the local bar with Tom replacing George Logan in their friendship. They might have met in the bar or at Tom's job.


  • In a deleted scene, CJ cheers George turning into the Hulk, later criticizing him for sticking one of them up his butt.