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Caroline Kane
00carolyn kane.jpg
Played By none
Occupation Socialite
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family Hugh Kane (wife)
Current Status DeaD
Parody Of

Caroline is a behind-the-scenes character in Scary Movie 2. Her image was portrayed by Anna Faris.

Scary Movie 2[]

Caroline Kane was the wife of Hugh Kane whose ghost haunts Hell House along with his Mistress.

Years after her death, Cindy and Buddy discover Hugh's secret study and found a chest containing her diary. When Cindy reads the diary, she learns that she suspected her husband having an affair with the babysitter (despite the fact that they had no children). Looking upon Caroline's portrait, the group agrees that Cindy and Caroline share a physical resemblance; however, they then begin to gaze over her picture and point out several flaws in Cindy's own appearance. Theo says that Caroline's skin isn't as oily, nor does she have as many split ends. Shorty Meeks says that Caroline has better breasts than Cindy, and Ray makes a comment about Cindy sometimes looking as if she has Downs Syndrome.


  • According to a deleted scene, Hanson had murdered Hugh Kane and his mistress to win Caroline's love, but after she refused him, he murdered her as well.

Caroline's diary