00cindy husband
Played By Dru Williams
Occupation Unknown
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Cindy Campbell (ex-wife)
Current Status Unknown, possibly Alive
Parody Of Key (Hustle & Flo)

Cindy's First Husband is a cursory unnamed character in the Scary Movie franchise; he was played by actor Dru Williams.


Not much is known about Cindy's first husband. According to Cindy, she was married to him before marrying George Logan which would be between her experience at Hell House (Scary Movie 2) and her encounter with Tabitha and the Aliens at Tom Logan's farm (Scary Movie 3). She doesn't even mention him in the years between college and her work as a TV news reporter.

Described to Tom Ryan, Cindy's memories describe her first husband as a loud abrasive figure who abused her physically and verbally at a time while Cindy was braiding her hair and using obscenities. His fate is unknown, but it seems their marriage was annulled or ended after a divorce.