Cindy's Grandma
00cindy grandma
Played By Babe Dolan
Occupation Unknown (retired)
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Mr. Campbell (sons), Cindy Campbell, Cody's Mother (grand-daughters), Cody Campbell (great-grandson)
Current Status Possibly Alive
Parody Of None

Cindy's Grandma is one of the background characters in Scary Movie. She is played by actress Babe Dolan (credited as as D.M. Babe Dolan). She was listed in the credits as "Grandma Campell."


Not much is known about Grandma Campbell, but she is likely Mr. Campbell's mother since she lives in the house with him. She is fond of Cindy, showing affection to her upon seeing her.

Scary MovieEdit

Living upstairs in her son's house, Grandma comes out of her room as Cindy is racing up the stairs from Ghostface. She hurls her into the killer's face to slow him down, and at the top of the stairs, she rolls the piano down the stairs, forgetting Grandma is on the bottom landing. Although Ghostface runs for cover, Grandma rises to her feet in time to see the piano coming toward her and screams as it rolls right over her.

Her final fate is unknown; it is uncertain if the piano killed her.