Cody Campbell
Played By Drew Mikuska
Occupation Cadet
Appeared in Scary Movie 3,
Scary Movie 4 (photographs)
Family Cindy Campbell (aunt), George Logan (step-father), Tom Logan (uncle), Sue Logan (cousin),
Current Status Living
Parody Of Aidan Keller (The Ring)
Morgan Hess (Signs)

Cody Campbell is Cindy's nephew in Scary Movie 3. He was played by child actor Drew Mikuska. He is a parody of Aidan Keller from "The Ring".


Probably born in Early 1994 (going by the age of the actor playing him, and the fact he's 11 when he attends military school), Cody was living somewhere behind the scenes during the first two movies. Cindy formally adopts him by 2003 (the year of the third movie). It turns out his mother did crystal meth while she was pregnant with him, dying after the birth and leaving Cody to be raised by his aunt Cindy Campbell, his legal guardian. It is also revealed that his mother missed cutting his umbilical cord and instead cut his penis, which the doctors then sewed upside down on accident, causing him to pee upside-down.

Cody is psychic with clairvoyant skills he reveals at the funeral of his teacher Brenda Meeks. He seems to want a father figure, and finds one in George Logan, who he becomes friends with and is constantly injuring him by accident. George soon becomes Cody's stepfather.

In 2004 (the year of the fourth movie), Cody is enrolled in military school by Cindy.