Demons are evil spirits that torment and possess the living in retribution for evil and selfish acts. They pose as one of the two main antagonists in the Scary Movie franchise.

History[edit | edit source]

In Scary Movie 2, Megan Voorhees is possessed by the evil spirit of Hugh Kane. He forces her to embarrass her mother in front of the party guests of her mother's party by urinating massively on the floor after insulting the guests. She is almost exorcised by Father McFeely and Father Harris which details a massive fly infestation in the bathroom, projectile vomiting incident and insulting McFeely's mother and he shots Megan in the head, released Kane's ghost into the house.

The following year, Professor Oldman rents Hell House to stage a paranormal investigation masked as a study in insomnia with students from the local college. When the teens stay in Hell House, Cindy Campbell is attacked by a cat possessed by Kane and later is possessed herself by the ghost of Victoria, Kane's mistress, to try and seduce Oldman. Hanson the caretaker is subsequently possessed by Kane and defeated by Cindy Campbell, Theo Keyoko and Brenda Meeks.

In Scary Movie 3, Cindy learns of a cursed video tape containing a demon named Tabitha. Tabitha had been an evil little girl who had imprinted her spirit on a VHS tape from which she emerged and claimed her victims. She was finally imprisoned in the well she had drowned in by Cindy and George Logan.

In Scary Movie 4, Cindy works as a healthcare worker for Mrs. Norris who is haunted by a female demon that appears as a huge mass of hair.


In Scary Movie 5, Jody Sanders suspects her house is haunted by a demon named Mama. She and her friend Kendra Brooks head to her brother-in-law's abandoned cabin rented by Christian students and discover a book of black magic. Reading from it causes the students to become possessed back and forth by demons without her knowledge.

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