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Doofy Gilmore is a fictional character and the original main antagonist in Scary Movie. He was played by actor David Sheridan.



Doofy is a severely autistic person with limited cognitive and social skills. At the time of the murders, he said he was almost twenty-six years (placing his birth in or around 1974). He works at the local Stevenson County Sheriff's Department as an assistant in some capacity, but he considers himself a police officer worthy of respect, even if the other officers treat him otherwise. Despite being an adult, he still acts like a kid with an interest in bodily fluids and placing his finger up his rectum. He is somewhat ambivalent about his sexuality, using a vacuum cleaner to fulfill his sexual needs until meeting Gail Hailstorm, who seduces him to get information from him. He also had infatuations with Drew Decker, whom he murdered for not returning his affection, and with Cindy Campbell. Because of the murder and attacks, he might be borderline psychotic.


Doofy still lives with his mother and father with whom he seems to have a good relationship. However, he still experiences sibling antagonism with his sister, Buffy Gilmore, who also lives with him and frequently embarrasses him or treats him with disgust. This behavior might be the cause of his inherent hostility toward Drew and Cindy for refusing him.


Scary Movie

Doofy is a mentally-disabled employee working as an assistant for the Stevenson County Sheriff's Department where he is often mocked and teased by the regular officers although he considers himself a real police officer. Reporter Gail Hailstorm flirts with Doofy in order to obtain information for her news-report. He later accidentally reveals himself as her informant during a news broadcast and is home with Cindy Campbell stays over with his sister and the Ghostface Killer calls her.
Eventually Cindy realizes that Doofy is the original Ghostface killer that murdered Drew Decker, possibly because he was infatuated with her and she did n't return his feelings for her. Doofy Goes on a killing spree, even killing his own sister, as well as her boyfriend. He has a fight with Cindy Matrix style, and she kicks him out the window, where he escapes. Cindy is at the police station where she finds out Doofy was the killer. She and the sheriff go after Doofy, however, he manages to escape town just ahead of the police.
Doofy is later seen departing town after helping Gail stage her death, his shambling manner gradually fading away as he rips off his fake mustache and the top of his cop uniform. Lighting a cigarette and hopping into a car with Gail, he throws his backpack out of the car, suggesting that his disability was fake or being in a committed relationship has cured him.


Murders Committed


  • Doofy is the only main antagonist in the Scary Movie franchise to be human. The rest have been ghosts, demons and extra-terrestrials.
  • Doofy walking normally and faking his handicap at the end of the movie is taken from the movie "The Usual Suspects."
  • Although Doofy was the main antagonist of the first film, most of the murders and incidents that happened during the climax was centrally by Bobby and Ray, as they were copycatting Doofy. As Doofy may have killed three, (excluding the fourth being Ray, due to being alive in Scary Movie 2). Though this can be false, as many people see that Doofy killed all of the characters, not Ray or Bobby.
  • In an after-credits tag scene, Doofy appears in his room "breaking up" with his vacuum cleaner by saying he's found someone else. This was a reference to the allusion that he had been using the vacuum cleaner to simulate oral sex behind the scenes.
  • Doofy is the only antagonist of the series to get away with his crimes.
  • An initial draft of Scary Movie 5 had the return of Doofy as the main antagonist.