Played By Trevor Roberts
Occupation High School Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family None
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of None

Dookie is minor character in Scary Movie. He was played by actor Trevor Roberts.

Scary MovieEdit

Dookie (real name unknown) is a close friend of Shorty Meeks; the two of them spending their time doing nothing but getting stoned or looking for ways to get stoned. He answers the phone with a loud obnoxious "What's up?!" which initially confuses Ghostface when he gets on the phone. Dookie is easily amused when Shorty claims to see "dead people" after getting stone during Shorty's party at Cindy Campbell's house where they make a device from an aquarium filter to smoke marijuana. When Ghostface shows up, he's too stoned to know he's in danger, falling victim to Ghostface's knife lashing out during a rap battle.


  • The name "Dookie" implies his first name or last name is some variation of "Duke."