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Dwight Hartman
Played By David Cross
Occupation Assistant to Professor Oldman
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family None
Current Status Alive
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Dwight Hartman is one of the major characters in Scary Movie 2. He was played by comedy actor David Cross, best known for the TV-series, "Arrested Development."


Dwight Hartman is the assistant to Professor Oldman. He once served in the Merchant Marine and served two turns in Danang, but he is now crippled and bound to a wheelchair, having lost the use of his legs under unrevealed circumstances. He tends to be a very stubborn and obstinate person, exhibiting signs of extreme denial, refusing help and assistance from anyone trying to help him, possibly in order to avoid handling the fact that he is unable to use his legs.

Scary Movie 2[]

The Professor and Dwight eventually organize a study at Hell House to use Cindy, Buddy, Shorty, Theo Keyoko, Alex, Brenda and Ray as bait to draw out paranormal activity in the house while disguising it as a sleep disorder study. He shows a lot of reluctance in the Professor wanting to use his hidden cameras to spy on the showering female students. Dwight eventually develops a competitive rivalry with Hanson over their different handicaps. He and Shorty also get in an argument with a bad-mouthed parrot.

He played a basketball rhythm with the teens and was almost seduced by Theo trying to help the others escape the house. Although he seemed to give in to her seduction when she put his hands on her breasts, he rebuffed her attempt at oral sex and proved he could perform autofellatio, only to be knocked out with a telephone by Theo as she took the keys. After Oldman is murdered by an evil succubus, he joins the teens into getting out of Hell House. While searching the house for the spirit of Hugh Kane, Dwight encountered Kane himself and fought him in a wheelchair match, where Dwight was thrown out of a window. His wheelchair destroyed, Dwight ends up hanging from one of the Gothic fixtures of the house, but when he refuses Hanson's help, he falls the twenty feet to the ground.

Somehow surviving, Dwight ends up taping himself to Ray's back to stay mobile. He comes up with a device that helps destroy Kane's ghost, and he and Ray rescue Cindy from being destroyed with him.


  • Dwight Hartman is supposed to be a parody of Jesse Walsh (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Arnold (Magic School Bus).
  • In one deleted scene, Dwight drives quite assertively and leaves his car with a scooter as if being in a wheelchair shouldn't keep him from using it. This would suggest the loss of his legs was an accident connected to his scooter use.
  • In an alternate ending of "Scary Movie 2," Dwight is one of the characters who died in the movie, learning he still can't use his legs as a spirit.