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Gail Hailstorm
Played By Cheri Oteri
Occupation News Reporter
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Doofus "Doofy" Gilmore (boyfriend)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Gale Weathers (Scream)

Gail Hailstorm is one of the characters in Scary Movie franchise. She is played by actress and comedienne Cheri Oteri.


Hailstorm is a news reporter who comes to town to report on the murder of Drew Decker. She seems to be a bit unethical in her reporting; it is implied she has sex with Doofy Gilmore in order to get details in the police investigation into the crime. She also shoots a student for being obnoxious behind her on her news broadcast. She also gets punched by Cindy Campbell on camera for an insult. Hailstorm also drags her Cameraman Kenny along in search of the The Killer, facing off with him at the local make-out area after the murder of Heather, a local student. She is eventually seen driving away with Doofy, the two of them now apparently in a relationship.


  • Gail and Kenny also show up in a deleted scene planting hidden cameras at Cindy's house.