Gregory Phillipe
Played By Lochlyn Munro
Occupation High School Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Father (name unknown)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Barry Cox (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Greg Philippe is a character in Scary Movie; his name is a parody of Greg Cox from the Scream series and actor Ryan Philippe's last name. He is played by Lochlyn Munro. He is the anti-hero/supporting antagonist in Scary movie, due to his abusive ways towards Cindy.



Greg is basically the stereotype of a dumb jock. He gets all F's on his report card which also ends up getting labeled "dumbass" to which Buffy remarks, "Well, at least you got one A." He seems to be the tough one in the group and is often very impatient and angry. He also has anger management issues, beating up Cindy Campbell without provocation. He was watching Buffy's pageant from the balcony and she happens to watch him get killed. He always showers alone at school because he is ashamed of the size of his penis which he considers a "disability."

Family and Friends

None of Greg's family members have been seen or mentioned, although it is known he drives his father's car, sometimes letting his friend, Bobby Prinze drive it so he can make out with his high school girlfriend, Buffy Gilmore, in the back seat.


Greg is a student at B. A. Corpse High School where he is friends with Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins, who is on the school football team with him.

Scary Movie

Greg is dating Buffy Gilmore in the first film. The two of them having a very promiscuous relationship. After Drew Decker is murdered, he is confronted with a photo of his small penis in his locker, he gets violent and threatens Ray Wilkins. He also beats up Cindy for bringing up an accidental murder from the year before.

After accidentally killing the man, Greg strangles Cindy and called her a bitch to make her swear that she will not mention that they killed a guy because he does not want to go to jail. Greg even tries to beat Ray because he thought that Ray put the photo of his baby penis in his locker, but only to be stopped by Bobby. Cindy Campbell tells Greg that he is not the only one that got the note and says she's got one too. Cindy suggests that they have to call the police. But then Greg punch Cindy and throws her to the ground, kicked her and body slams her.

At the beauty pageant, Greg is knifed and has his throat sliced by Bobby Prinze with Buffy watching, but she blacks it out after winning the pageant. When Bobby, Cindy and Buffy are wondering where he is, it's likely Ray Wilkins cleaning up after Bobby.


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