Henry Hale
006SM4 Bill Pullman 008
Played By Bill Pullman
Occupation Village Leader
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Holly (daughter)

Kayako Saeki (wife, deceased)
Toshio Saeki (step-son)

Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Peter Kirk (The Grudge)

Lucius Hunt (The Village) Edward Walker (The Village)

Henry Hale was the leader of the pseudo-Amish village that Cindy and Brenda discovered. After the two are captured, he decides let them stay in the village. Henry later gets stabbed by the mentally challenged village idiot, Ezekiel. Dying, he explains to Cindy and Brenda that he is the father of Toshio Saeki, who was killed in the mass accident at Cindy's boxing match. However, various events conspire against Henry revealing the full story, and Cindy later finds out who Toshio's real father is while captured inside the TriPod.