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Hugh Kane
00hugh kane.png
Played By Richard Moll
Occupation Businessman
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family Caroline (estranged wife)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Hugh Crain (The Haunting), Sebastian Caine (Hollow Man)

Hugh Kane is a fictional character in the Scary Movie franchise and the main antagonist in Scary Movie 2. He was played by character actor Richard Moll.


Hugh Kane was the owner of Hell House (supposedly around the 1700s or 1800s) and had a wife named Caroline, but he was obviously very unfaithful as a husband. Caroline suspected that he was having an affair with their babysitter Victoria (even though he and Caroline were childless) and this led to Caroline actually discovering Hugh and Victoria having sex on their living room floor. Caroline supposedly murdered Hugh in revenge, but his ghost returned to haunt his house with a malevolent intent, causing it to be nick-named "Hell House". As a ghost, he became very intolerant of other people staying in his house, more so when they act as if it is theirs. In his absence, his manservant, Hanson, stayed on as caretaker.

Scary Movie 2[]

In 2000, a girl named Megan Voorhees living at Hell House with her mother supposedly became possessed by Hugh Kane or his mistress. Under the influence, she urinated on the carpet, embarrassing Megan's mother in front of her party guests, and she called in Father Harris to attempt to exorcise the spirit from Megan and to bless the House. Harris soon called in Father McFeely as help, but the exorcism failed when Hugh insulted Father McFeely's mother, and he shot Megan dead, killing her, inadvertently releasing Hugh Kane back into the House.

Several years later, Professor Oldman, Dwight Hartman, and his students Cindy Campbell, Brenda Meeks, Ray Wilkins, Shorty Meeks, Buddy Wilkinson, Theo Keyoko and Alex Monday arrived at Hell House under the auspices of a sleep study. As a result, Kane and the ghost of his Mistress began a rampage in the house terrifying the students and Cindy Campbell being momentarily possessed. Eventually, Cindy and Buddy soon found Kane's hidden study, which contained the journal of his late wife, Caroline.

Kane struck at Alex first by raping her in her room, but this inadvertently led to Alex having an obsession on him. He soon possessed the old family cat, Mr. Kittles, and used him to attack Cindy when she was trying to read Caroline's diary. He also possessed a toy clown that was used to attack Ray, but Ray turned the tables by raping the clown. He also possibly weaved a body for himself from a marijuana plant and tried to smoke Shorty as a giant marijuana cigarette, but Buddy, Ray, and Brenda stopped him by bribing with chips just before a storm pulled the plant-like body from the house.

Eventually, Kane had his Mistress distract and lure away Professor Oldman, having him killed in the basement. Kane then locked Dwight and the students in the house to terrorize them. Dwight gave out thermo-goggles and energy guns to battle the ghost. Kane soon animated his skeletal remains in the basement, and sent it after Cindy, getting defeated after she and Brenda knocked him over and rearranged the his bones. He soon attacked Buddy, but Cindy drove him off with Dwight's stun guns and drove him off.

When Kane retreated to his secret study, he found it vandalized by Alex proclaiming her love for him, a devotion she clung to all through his poltergeist attack on her. Eventually, he grew tired of her and killed her by dropping a chandelier on her head. After trapping Cindy and Buddy in the freezer, Kane dueled with Dwight in a wheelchair joust, which ended with Dwight getting thrown out the window.

Eventually, Kane possessed Hanson and kidnapped Shorty, who he then drugged and incapacitated. Cindy, Brenda, and Theo pursued him into the cellar, where after a three-pronged attack, Kane exploded from Hanson's body, seemingly killing him. They girls were rescued by Buddy just before the explosion, possibly preventing Kane from entering one of them. When Dwight turned up alive, he finished the specification on Oldman's machine that could destroy Kane's ghost. Using herself as bait, Cindy lured Kane on to iy, and Ray rescued her when she became too scared to move off the platform, which resulted in Kane's destruction.


  • In one of the deleted scenes, Oldman gives the history of the house, placing Kane's life somewhere in the 1940s or 1950s. Yet, his spirit appears dressed in Late 19th Century attire.
  • In the movie, Kane (as Hanson) cuts off the top of Shorty's head, exposing his brain which took form of Beetlejuice the rapper. However, since Shorty is still alive later, these event can be passed off as one of the surreal sight gags in the movie rather than a legitimate event.