Played By Jenny McCarthy
Occupation Student
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Mother, Father
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Becca Kotler (The Ring), Katie Embry (The Ring)

Katie is a minor character in the Scary Movie franchise. She was played by actress and model Jenny McCarthy.


Not much is known about Katie. She is supposedly a college student and a friend of Becka Kotler. It's not clear if she and Becka live with Becka's mother or if they rent their own house. She also doesn't seem to be particularly smart. It is also implied she has augmented breasts.

Scary Movie 3Edit

While watching television and reading magazines, Becka tells Katie that a TV magnetic waves can supposedly shrink silicon molecules which frightens them. They try to turn off the TV using the remote, but Katie holds it backwards. They eventually manage to turn it off when Becka starts talking about a videotape she saw with scary images in it. Katie mistakes it for Pamela Anderson's porn film, but she is quickly corrected. When Katie brings up a friend named Josh, they get excited and start hitting each other with pillows before briefly turning to different objects. They soon hear the phone ring and go downstairs, but when Katie answers it, she discovers it's Becka's mom and hands it off to her. Katie goes upstairs to talk to her as Becka wanders around the house feeling apprehensive and inexplicably sacred. Upstairs, Katie is killed by Tabitha's ghost for watching the tape. When Becka goes upstairs and finds her disfigured corpse sitting on a chair, she shakes her trying to get a response, and Katie's head falls off her body. Still unaware she's dead, Becka asks her if she is okay as Tabitha appears and kills her as well.


  • Despite her name being a parody of Katie Embry for The Ring she is more of a parody of Becca Kotler.
  • In a random sight gag, Katie is shown to be very flexible as she is seen scratching her head with her foot.
  • Jenny McCarthy was originally offered the role of Drew Decker in Scary Movie but turned it down.