Kendra Brooks
Played By Erica Ash
Occupation Dancer
Appeared in Scary Movie 5
Family None
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Lily (Black Swan)
Kendra Brooks is one of the main characters in Scary Movie 5. She is played by actress Erica Ash and possibly based on the character played by Regina King in previous movies.

Scary Movie 5Edit

Kendra is a struggling ballet dancer at the local ballet studio where Jody auditions. She and Jody first met when they are both auditioning for a performance called "The Black Swan." In her audition, Kendra performs in a stripper-like fashion that the director compliments. However, the role is given to Jody as she is more attractive, and Kendra becomes her understudy. During the rehearsals, Kendra seems to eat a lot but never seems to gain any weight. 
Kendra later helps Jody investigate the cabin in the woods where they find a book that causes demonic activity nearby where it is read. However, both Kendra and Jody are unaware of the book's effects; when they leave, they depart out the back door, avoiding the destruction upstairs to the cabin's inhabitants. Jody eventually gives Kendra the role as the Swan Queen to Kendra which she takes without hesitation. She later performs in the same stripper-like-fashion from her audition.


  • Kendra auditioning for the Black Swan