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Miss Mann
00mann sc1.jpg
Played By Jayne Trcka
Occupation Gym Teacher
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family unknown
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Miss Collins (Carrie)

Miss Mann is a supporting character in Scary Movie. She is played by actress Jayne Trcka.


Scary Movie[]

Miss Mann is the girls gym teacher at B. A. Corpse High School. Not much is known about her, and much of her identity and past is up for explanation. She seems to me very masculine for a woman, but she also sniffs the girls underwear in private as if she was actually a man. After she stops Buffy Gilmore and several girls from tormenting Cindy Campbell about phone calls she is recieving, Mann approaches the class and gives them very unusual safety tips for their protection. Eventually, Cindy goes to Miss Mann's office to get her advice about a terrible secret. During this conversation, it is implied that Miss Mann has hermaphrodite traits as Cindy witnesses testicles dropping out from under her skirt, which leave her alarmed, especially after one of them accidentally drape her arm. Upset over the discovery, she quickly departs the office.


  • it is not explicitly clear from her scenes if Miss Mann is supposed to be a man disguised as a woman or a lesbian/bisexual female hermaphrodite sexually attracted to her female students. She is seen sniffing a pair of panties when Cindy comes in, and even tells her to take off her bra if she would like. 
  • Miss Mann also has something that looks like a Nazi uniform hanging in the back of her office and a paddle with a sticky note that says "board of education."