Mr. Kittles
Played By Frank Welker
Occupation Pet
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Hugh Kane (owner)
Current Status Unknown
Parody Of The cat in "The Legend of Hell House"

Mr. Kittles is one of the characters in the Scary Movie franchise. He is played by a real cat, voiced by Frank Welker, interspersed with footage of an animatronic prop.

Scary Movie 2Edit

Mr. Kittles was supposedly the pet cat of Hugh Kane at Hell House, later adopted and cared for by Hanson, the caretaker.

While Cindy was staying in the house, he became possessed by Hugh's ghost and attacked Cindy or by the mistress thinking she was Caroline Kane. Cindy believed he was angry at her for using his litter box. Knocking Cindy out, the cat held its forelegs up in victory.

It is unknown what happened to him after the movie.


  • Considering the fact that Hugh Kane supposedly lived around the turn of the century, it seems a stretch that Mr. Kittles was his cat.
  • A deleted scene shows Mr. Kittles flying a WW2 fighter and bombing the mansion with Cindy in it.