Mrs. Meeks
Played By Patricia Idlette
Occupation Housewife
Appeared in Scary Movie 2 (mentioned)
Scary Movie 3 (seen)
Family Mr.Meeks (husband)
Brenda Meeks (daughter)
Shorty Meeks (son)
Current Status Alive
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Mrs. Meeks is the mother of Brenda Meeks and Shorty Meeks. Althoughy she is mentioned in Scary Movie, she doesn't appear in person until Scary Movie 3

Scary MovieEdit

Getting off the school for bus, Shorty refers to Brenda's mother as "being stupid," but Brenda points out that they share the same mother. Shorty then changes his opinion to her father, who she doesn't know. Shorty doesn't know his father either.

Scary Movie 3Edit

She appears at her daughter's wake along with her husband Mr. Meeks. At the wake, George Logan attempts to bring Brenda back from the dead, resulting in her corpse being blown to bits which horrifies Mrs. Meeks. George is then barred from the wake.