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Mrs. Voorhees
00mrs voorhees.jpg
Played By Veronica Cartwright
Occupation Socialite
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family Megan Voorhees (daughter), husband (name unknown)
Current Status Living
Parody Of Chris MacNeil (the Exorcist)

Mrs. Voorhees is a supporting character in Scary Movie 2; she was played by actress Veronica Cartwright.


Mrs. Voorhees is the mother of Megan Voorhees. Not much is known about her past, whether she was married, divorced or widowed. Considering the access the college had to Kane Manor, she was possibly a dean or professor.

While living in the house, Mrs. Voorhees threw a party for friends and colleagues that included Father Harris. During the night, her daughter came down and insulted their singing before massively urinating on the music room floor. Realizing she was possessed, Harris called in Father McFeely for help.

A few days later, Mrs. Voorhees had a new hairstyle when Father McFeely arrived and waited in the downstairs foyer as they tried saving Megan during an exorcism that eventually failed.

Mrs. Voorhees later whereabouts are unknown, but she had moved out of Kane Manor by the time Professor Oldman used the location for a paranormal investigation a year later.