Neil Campbell
00cindy dad
Played By Rick Ducomun
Occupation possibly Retired, supplemental income as a Drug-Dealer
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Cindy's Grandma (possible mother, name unknown)
Mrs. Campbell (wife, possibly deceased)
Cindy Campbell (daughter)
Unnamed Daughter
Cody Campbell (grandson)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Neil Prescott (Scream)

Neil Campbell is a minor character in the Scary Movie franchise. He was played by actor Rick Ducomun.


Mr. Campbell is the father of Cindy Campbell. His extended relatives include an unseen daughter with a son, his grandson, Cody Campbell, and his mother, who lives with him. Not many details are given about him, but he seems to be retired, seemingly supplementing his retirement with drug-trafficking.

Scary MovieEdit

Mr. Campbell is the father of Cindy Campbell. He is very protective of Cindy (even making her wear an electric chastity belt over her panties). He teaches her how to carry on his illegal drug business in the house in his absence. He is eventually taken hostage by Ray Wilkins and Bobby Prinze as part of their murder plot to frame him, but the real Ghostface shows up and takes over the scene. Possibly assuming he is already dead, Ghostface then tries to kill Cindy, but she defeats him and rescues her father. The two of them then discovers that Ghostface has escaped as the police arrive. It is then that Mr. Campbell tells the cops that the killer planted drugs all over the house.

Scary Movie 2Edit

Cindy calls to her father after surviving Hell House and tells him about the parrot she took home from there. She claims it's very clean just before it sprays its feces across the wall.


  • His first name might be "Neil" which was the first name of Sidney Prescott's father in "Scream."