Polly The Parrot
Polly The Parrot.png
Played By Matt Friedman (voice)
Occupation None Known
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family None Known
Current Status Alive
Parody Of None Known

Polly The Parrot is a character in Scary Movie 2. He was a pet in Hell House with has a vulgar profanity-filled personality.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Polly was apparently the pet of Hugh Kane, who died two years prior. He apparently taught the parrot to swear and insult his guests.

Scary Movie 2[edit | edit source]

Polly is still living at Kane Manor when Professor Oldman does his study at the house. It's unknown as to what its original name is, but Cindy Campbell and everyone else just call it Polly. It swears and insults both Cindy and Shorty Meeks, who tries to attack it. When Kane's ghost attacks Oldman's student, he roots for its former master to kill them. Afterward, Cindy takes Polly back to her dorm with her where the seeds she gives cause it to poop all all over her wall.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It should be noted that parrots can't talk; they can only imitate and mimmick sounds and words that they hear.
  • In a deleted scene, Polly dies in it's cage and Shorty convinces Cindy to turn it into barbecue.
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