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Professor Oldman
Played By Tim Curry
Occupation Professor
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
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Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Dr. David Marrow (The Haunting)

Professor Oldman is a college professor who organized a sleep disorder research facility which was secretly an investigation on paranormal activity at Hell House, using Cindy Campbell, Ray Wilkins, Shorty Meeks, Brenda Meeks, Theo Keyoko, Buddy, and Alex Monday as bait. He is also very horny, having a crush on Cindy and pervertedly suggests that she sleep in Theo's bed after she is beat up by the possessed cat. He was nearly seduced by a possessed Cindy who briefly channeled Ray. His sex drive was what led to his downfall when he was seduced by the ghost of Hugh Kane's wife Caroline and was killed afterwards.


  • His last name is based on "Old Man" considering he is the oldest character in Scary Movie 2 (other than the ghosts). It's also linked as a reference to Gary Oldman, the actor who portrayed the titular character in the 1992 film Bram Stoker's Dracula.