Rachel Ryan
Rachel Ryan
Played By Conchita Campbell
Occupation Student
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Tom Ryan - father
Marilyn - mother
Robbie Ryan - brother
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Rachel Ferrier (War of the Worlds)

Rachel is the daughter of Tom Ryan in Scary Movie 4, a parody of Dakota Fanning's character from "War of the Worlds." She was played by child actress Conchita Campbell.


Probably born in 1995 (going by the age of the actress playing her), Rachel is the daughter of Tom and Marilyn Ryan, who are divorced. She spends weekends with her father, who she apparently still loves despite her father's neglect and accidental abuse. He smacks her by a door and accidentally locks her out during a storm, which results in her getting hit by lightning twice. After the alien attack, she flees town with her father and brother, almost getting led away by a Michael Jackson-like figure after losing their car. While hiding out in a barn, she gets abducted by the aliens and held a hostage until her father proves how much he loves her and her brother. Surviving the attack, she is reunited with her mother.


  • Because of her invulnerability to incredible injuries, fans have suggested she might possibly be immortal.