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Saw Villain
Saw Villain Scary Movie 4.png
Played By Laura Dash (animator)
Craig Mazin (voice)
Occupation Would-Be Conquerer
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Zoltar (brother)
Ghost Boy (son)
Zoltar's Child (niece/nephew)
Current Status Deceased (unconfirmed)
Parody Of Billy the Doll/Jigsaw (Saw series)
Takeo Saeki (The Grudge)
Martian (War of the Worlds)

The Saw Villain is the main antagonist of Scary Movie 4; he was portrayed by puppeteer Laura Dash and voiced by actor Craig Mazin.


Not much is known about the Saw Villain. Unofficially named Billy, he is an extraterrestrial being originating from an unknown world from beyond the Earth's star system. He came to Earth and fathered a son, Toshio Saeki on a Japanese woman named Kayako Saeki. Toshio was later adopted by Henry Hale, Kayako's husband.

Scary Movie 4[]

Upon hearing that Toshio had died in the course of Cindy Campbell's boxing match, Billy sought revenge after the death of his son and unleashed a Tripod attack upon Earth using using weapons to disintegrate humans. After he captured Cindy and Tom Ryan, he taunted Tom with grammar-school level tortures, later realizing how much they cared for each other and was touched by their sacrifices and ceased the attacks.


  • He is credited as Saw Villain in the credits, Billy is played by Laura Dash but voiced by Craig Mazin.
  • It has been suggested that the aliens died because of some venereal disease passed through their race by Brenda, but whether this actually occurs in the movie or was concocted by fans is unrevealed.