Scary Movie Wiki
Played By Queen Latifah
Occupation Psychic
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Orpheus (Husband)
CJ (Nephew)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of The Oracle (The Matrix)

Shaneequa is a character in Scary Movie 3. She is played by actress Queen Latifah.

Shaneequa is the the wife of Orpheus and the aunt of CJ (the latter who suggests Cindy Campbell to visit her for help investigating a mysterious tape). From what CJ said, she and Orpheus were the first to see the tape before anyone else, but were able to survive the ordeal instead of suffering the same fate as the other victims (Possibly due to her psychic abilities and tough attitude). She is shown to be a extensive chain smoker to the point all of her ashtrays and even the drawers in her living room are full of cigarette butts. She is also incredibly flatulent, blaming the habit on sounds of her chair. Her psychic powers also allow her to predict the fate of sports games, which she uses to ruin a Los Angeles Lakers game Orpheus is watching when he becomes hesitant to help Cindy. She also uses this ability to give him grief on women he might sleep around with behind her back.

Helping Cindy, Shaneequa discovers the hidden image of a lighthouse on the tape which she initially thinks its a cigarette. Exploring the tape further, however, annoys the spirit of Tabitha's mother on the VHS Tape and she gets in a fight with her through her television screen, even pulling her hair out for spitting on her.


  • Shaneequa also appears in an alternate version of the movie's climax where she helps Cindy fulfill her destiny and brands Orpheus so he wouldn't cheat on her. In this ending, she wears different clothes and berates Orpheus for not running the washer, mentioning that her laced thongs often go up her ass.
  • Cindy at one point alternately calls her "LaQueesha."