Played By Kelly Coffield Park
Occupation Teacher
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family one child (unnamed)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Mrs Tate (Scream)
Teacher is an unnamed character in the Scary Movie franchise. She is played by comedy actress Kelly Coffield Park.


The name of the teacher isn't revealed. It's implied she dates male students and has children by them. She has red hair and smokes heavily in class while holding her infant child when she's not handing it off to its teenage father. She has little patience for Heather, the idealistic young woman in her class, often telling her to shut up.


Scary MovieEdit

A teacher at B. A. Corpse High School, the Teacher talks about the tragedy of Drew Decker's death before mentioning a need for prayer in school before handing her child to its father in her class while making plans to meet another student after class.


The Teacher seems to have multiple relationships with her unnamed male students.