Ted (Policeman 1)
Played By Nels Lennarson
Occupation Police officer
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family None
Current Status Alive
Parody Of None

Ted is a minor character in the Scary Movie franchise. He was played by actor Nels Lennarson. In the credits, he was billed at "Policeman #1."


Ted is a police officer for the Stevenson County Sheriff's Department. Not much is known about him or his career, but he seems to be one of two officers along with another officer who tease and torment Doofy Gilmore, a handicapped employee of the sheriff's office. During the murders in Stevenson County, Doofy seems to get the better of Ted's taunts by waving his finger at him after having it in his rectum.


  • Although credited as "Policeman #1," Dewey refers to him as Ted.