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The Architect
Played By George Carlin
Occupation Lighthouse Keeper
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Wife (unnamed, deceased), Tabitha (adopted daughter, deceased)
Current Status Living
Parody Of The Architect (The Matrix Reloaded)

Richard Morgan (The Ring)

The Architect is a minor character in Scary Movie 3. He was played by comedian George Carlin.


Scary Movie 3[]

The Architect is the former owner of Tom Logan's farm and the mysterious harbinger behind the mystery of the cursed videotape. After Cindy Campbell tracks him down, he confesses that Tabitha was his adopted daughter and that she killed Tabitha to keep her from unleashing evil on the world. His lighthouse also turns out to be full of monitors which he has been using to spy on and tape Cindy in her home. He also seems to have a bizarre affection for his chair, a symptom of living by himself.


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