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Played By Kathleen Robertson
Occupation College Student (Scary Movie 2)
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
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Current Status Alive
Parody Of Theodora (The Haunting)

Theo Keyoko is a fictional character in the Scary Movie franchise; she was played by actress Kathleen Robertson.



Theo is a friendly, compassionate college student with red hair. Her personality is much like Buffy Gilmore; she is well aware of her looks and attraction from guys and is not above using them to get what she wants. However, she does seem to have a more loyal and active role in Cindy's life than Buffy had. She tends to dress very provocatively, but there is very little to indicate she is promiscuous.

Family and Friends[]

Nothing is known about Theo's family. She is close friends with Cindy Campbell, treating her like a little sister, even if she once distractedly insulted her, but the insult actually came more across as friendly criticism. Her friendship with Brenda Meeks is more convivial; they only know each other because of their common friendship with Cindy. Her association with Alex Monday is more distant. She tolerates Alex, but she has no real friendship with her.



Theo Keyoko was a college student at the same West Coast college as Cindy Campbell, who later became her best friend. Along with Cindy and several other classmates, she was invited to participate in a sleep stuff at Kane Mansion arranged by Professor Oldman. There is some indication that Oldman ivited solely based on her body.

Scary Movie 2[]

At the house, Theo and the students began to notice strange activity that convinced them that the structure is haunted, and that they might have been used to stir up the activity. She is also among the students repulsed by Hanson's handling of their dinner. After Cindy is attacked, the professor even suggests she and Cindy share a room, convincing her he didn't have their best interests in mind. After the activity escalated, Theo and the others tried to escape, only to realized the gates were locked. She then takes it upon herself to trick Dwight Hartman, Oldman's assistant, into giving her the keys. When Hanson became possessed by Hugh Kane, she Cindy and Brenda Meeks, joined together to battle Hanson and help Dwight activate his device to disperse Kane and the paranormal energies in the house, essentially ending the paranormal activity.



  • In a gag, Theo's breasts are shown to be literally airbags when she deploys them to keep from crashing headfirst into a wall after being thrown by a possessed Hanson.
  • In a deleted scene, it is revealed that Theo smothers Alex with a pillow following her attack with Hugh Kane because Alex's imaginary friendship becomes too psychotic.
  • In an early draft of the Scary Movie 2 script, Theo's breasts were supposed to have many different powers, including blasting copious amounts of milk at Hanson while he was possessed. (This has been unconfirmed.)