Mrs. Mann
006SM4 Michael McDonald 003
Played By Michael McDonald
Occupation Boxer
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Brenda Venus
Mike Tyson

Tiffany Stone is a minor character in the Scary Movie franchise. She was played by actor Michael McDonald.


Not much is known about Tiffany Stone, but she has apparently been a boxer for some time. One of her trademarks is biting the ears off of her opponents (and anyone else) in the boxing ring.

Scary Movie 4Edit

Tiffany eventually faced off against Cindy Campbell in a boxing match. Cindy tried to get a punch on her, but she stumbled and lost the match. Tiffany went on to bite the ears off the referee and several people in attendance.


  • Cindy's encounter with Tiffany Stone was meant to be a spoof of the 2004 movie, "Million Dollar Baby."