Tina moments before her death
Played By Marissa Janet Winokur
Occupation Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family none known
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Tatum Riley (Scream)

Tina is one of the characters in Scary Movie. She was played by actress Marissa Janet Winokur and is a parody of Tatum Riley from Scream.

Scary MovieEdit

Tina (last name unrevealed) is a student at B. A. Corpse High School along with Buffy, Bobby Prinze, Greg Phillipe and Drew Decker. During Ghostface's psychopathic murder spree in Stevenson County, Illinois, she shows up at the party Shorty Meeks throws at Cindy Campbell's in order to hide from the killer.


During the party at Cindy's house, Tina asks Cindy where the alcohol and beer drinks would be, and Cindy drunkenly directs her to the garage. She heads to the garage and tries to switch on the lights, but they don't work. she heads over to the refrigerator and grabs three to four bottles of Patan and Cult 45.

Tina is suddenly distracted by a noise from a kitten and a second from a horse. When she tries to return to the party and finds the door locked, Ghostface appears from behind her. Tina begs to not be killed and attempts to escape by evading Ghostface's murderous maneuvers. She quickly tries the the small pet door in the garage, but she obviously cannot fit through it. Ghostface turns on the garage car door with her stuck in it and she is lifted up by it. Unfortunately, it proves unable of lifting her extra weight and comes crashing down, crushing to death as Ghostface runs away terrified.


  • Even though Tina is a spoof of Tatum from "Scream," she appears obese and more frightened than Buffy or Tatum. Her killer is unknown; the Ghostface that killed her points to either Bobby Prinze or Ray Wilkins. Doofy is ruled out because he has no reason to kill off Cindy's classmates, except Bobby and Ray for copying him.
  • The location of the Scary Movie murders is mentioned in Scary Movie 2.