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Tom Logan
Played By Charle Sheen
Occupation Farmer, former Reverend
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
Family Annie Logan (wife), Sue Logan (daughter), George Logan (brother, deceased), Cindy Campbell (sister-in-law), Cody Campbell (nephew)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Reverend Graham Hess (Signs)
Peter Kirk (The Grudge)

Tom Logan is one of the main characters in Scary Movie 3; he was played by actor Charlie Sheen.

Family and Friends[]

Not much is known about Tom's family or his parents. A widower, he was the husband of Annie Logan. His family included his brother, George Logan and his daughter, Sue Logan.


Scary Movie 3[]

Tom Logan was a minister living on a farm outside Washington D.C. with his wife, Annie Logan, and daughter, Sue Logan. His wife died in a car accident which left her briefly pinned against a tree before she died. Tom lost his faith after her death, and his brother, George, came to live with him. In 2003, he and his brother discovered a huge crop circle in their cornfield that was reported in the news by Cindy Campbell, who George later started seeing. Tom also discovered a strange figure lurking in the house that looked like Michael Jackson and impersonated his daughter in her room. It was all a prelude to an alien attack looking for an evil little girl. The aliens soon departed after Cindy defeated Tabitha. His faith restored, Tom officiated at George and Cindy's wedding.

In Between[]

After the encounters on the farm, Tom moves to New York City, possibly having sold the property. George eventually dies after breaking his neck on a chair left in a boxing ring. The whereabouts of Sue, are unrevealed, but she is possibly living with a relative of him or of his wife or maybe in an boarding school.

Scary Movie 4[]

After losing his brother, Tom fell into a depression despite the fact he was dating three girls (breaking the promise he made to Annie on the night of the accident). Cindy visited him at his new home in New York as he tried killing himself; first by using a razor blade, which became imbedded in his chest after Cindy hugged him, and then by overdosing on sleeping pills. Unfortunately, Cindy moved the bottles around, and Tom accidently ingested too much viagra which made his penis grow immensely. After a fight with his cat, he fell off of his balcony and was impaled on his penis, resulting in his death.


George Logan[]

George is his younger brother, despite Tom getting annoyed by his stupidity and lack of intelligence as he sometimes accidentally hurt Tom, they like each other quite a lot. He advises George with his dream of being a famous rapper and tells him to forget about it

Annie Logan[]

Annie was Tom's wife. They lived a happy marriage and had a daughter, loving each other very much. In a deleted scene Tom comforted her when she was upset that her body was reconstituted. It was revealed Annie was pinned to a tree after being hit by a car. On the verge of death, Annie made Tom promise that he would not marry again, and he agrees, she also asks that he never have sex again. Tom doesn't like it but swears to it even as he gives her up as dead while she's still alive.

Sue Logan[]

Sue it's Annie and Tom's daughter he loves her very much, he worries about her when Sue screams after seeing the circle left by the aliens, he fights with Michael Jackson to protect her.

Cindy Campbell[]

Cindy is Tom's sister-in-law and George's wife. Tom liked her very much and officiated their marriage sometime after the events with Tabitha and the Aliens. After George's death, he goes into depression and gets a visit from Cindy who doesn't realize his emotional state. when Tom confuses sleeping pills for Viagra,she still doesn't notice until he throws himself off the balcony, Cindy is then shocked to see his body impaled on the penis