Tom Ryan
Played By Craig Bierko
Occupation Unrevealed
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Marilyn (ex-wife)
Robbie (son)
Rachel (daughter)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Ray Ferrier (War of the Worlds)
Tom Cruise (The Oprah Winfrey Show) Doug (Grudge)

Tom Logan is a main character in Scary Movie 4. He is played by actor Craig Bierko.


Tom is a dock worker working near New York City. He was once married, but he and his wife later divorced. He still gets visitation rights with his two children, Robbie Ryan and Rachel Ryan.

After the divorce, Tom gets a house next door the Mrs. Norris, an old lady living in a haunted house, becoming friendly with Cindy Campbell who later arrives to tend for her. When robot tripods attack town, he flees with his children into the countryside, losing their car and ending up on foot, eventually getting involved in a skirmish between the aliens and the military. When the aliens try abducting his daughter, he gets abducted as well, getting reunited with Cindy in one of the tripods. The aliens soon take interest in them to torture them, forcing Tom to endure school-yard level indignities in front of kids before actually threatening his life, but Cindy saves his life after find a key to turn off the torture devices.

After escaping, Tom pursues his relationship with Cindy, and while in television, he announces his love for Cindy over-enthusiastically on Oprah.