Toshio Saeki
006SM4 Garrett Masuda 002
Played By Garrett Masuda
Occupation Inapplicable
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Kayako Saeki (mother)
Billy the doll (father), Zoltar (uncle)
Current Status Deceased (Ghost/Onryo)
Parody Of Toshio Saeki (The Grudge)
Toshio Saeki is a character in the Scary Movie franchise. He was played by child actor Garrett Masuda and listed in the credits as the "Japanese Ghost Boy."


Toshio was the son of Kayako Hale through an extramarital affair with Billy. His step-father, Henry Hale, loved him and raised him as his own until he was accidentally killed at a boxing match between Cindy Campbell and Tiffany Stone. Toshio later returned as a spirit and haunted the cursed Japanese house later owned by Mrs. Norris as a ghost with his mother, Kayako Saeki. When Mr. Koji tried to show Cindy the house to care for Mrs. Norton, he fought Toshio's ghost in the bathtub, but Toshio continued to return and haunt the house. Cindy accidentally burned him in the attic, but he still returned to help Cindy to find the secret behind the Tripod attack.

His later whereabouts are unknown, but is is likely his spirit has since passed on to the Afterlife.


  • A deleted scene on the Scary Movie 4 DVD shows Toshio, Henry and Kayako appearing to Cindy.