Young Man
00young man2
Played By Ted Cole
Occupation Unknown
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family None
Current Status Living
Parody Of None

The Young Man is an unnamed character in Scary Movie. He is played by actor Ted Cole.

The Young Man is one of several theater patrons at the local theater trying to watch Shakespeare In Love. Infuriated by Brenda's behavior at the cinema, he is the second patron to stab her out of annoyance, sitting back afterward to watch the movie as others attack her. After this, he is not ever seen or mentioned again in the movie. He was considered to be a minor character in the movie, as he wasn't an important influence to the movie. His fate afterwards is left unknown, but it's possible that he is still alive and somewhere else.


  • The IMDB (and the Scary Movie credits) seem to have mixed up Ted Cole and Jim Shepard playing the male characters in the theater.